Writing with heart

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Boston’s Beacon Hill (Photo by Quyn Do)
I’m a writer, editor, content strategist, advocate for confidence, doting auntie, amateur bobsledder, fitness enthusiast and wannabe health nut (who just loves Reese’s and pizza too much to fully commit).

I’m also a digital media expert and darn good writer. Why should you hire me to write your website, social media plan and more? Let’s do this web-style with a list, shall we?

  1. I have 12 years’ professional journalism and writing experience. I write tight and on a deadline.
  2. As a web content editor, I know exactly what will get attention online and what will get passed over.
  3. A former copy editor, I can spot a missing comma or extra space in no time.
  4. I studied intellectual property law at New York University, so I know what we can do and definitely should not do legally.
  5. I take boring content and give readers a reason to care.
  6. I know what it takes to rank on search engine results pages.
  7. I take a conversational approach to writing to keep it relatable.

I’m passionate about putting my copy writing and editing chops to work for business owners.  I use my passion for good stories, experience in search engine optimization, clear, concise writing style and rock star use of social media to put your vision into words to a brand. The result is a website, marketing materials and social media strategy that shows just who you are and reaches your intended audience. I do it fast, but accurately and effectively. It’s the journalistic way and that’s the only way I know.

Writing with purpose


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