Brand strategies & plans

Master Lock campaign headlines

  • For best results, remove combination sticker from back.
  • Your bag might be full of junk, but it’s your junk.
  • Nothing to steal here, nothing to steal.
  • I’ll watch your stuff.

Gym digital media brand plan

Crunch gym is the fun gym. It goes for more of a club atmosphere than the typical lines of treadmills. Lights are often low – with colorful strobe lights. The music is loud and energetic. Crunch does have weight rooms, boxing rings, stretching areas and rows of cardio equipment, but it’s known for offering a variety of fitness classes, with a twist. Classes feature the same loud music and strobe lights. The Crunch version of spinning is The Ride. Members can submit song requests on Twitter, making the class “total request.” The gym also offers a series of late-night sexy classes, including pole dancing and strippercise. G-rated classes include SurfSet and Kangoo, which feel more like playing than working out. That’s the main mission of Crunch – to make working out fun.


This gym has so much personality, but it could show it better digitally. I often see people taking photos in Kangoo, aerial yoga and SurfSet classes. Creating a #CrunchGym hashtag and encouraging members to post their photos on social media would be a fantastic way to spread the word that Crunch is fun to members’ friends — strong potential clients. Crunch could take advantage of the mentions and invite members’ friends to try the gym.

For example:

@candacenelson: Best way to start my Saturday: Aerial yoga class at #CrunchGym

@CrunchGym: Glad you enjoyed, @candacenelson. Have your friends try the Spider-Man inversion with you! 2 weeks’ free trial membership, if they mention this tweet.

More uses for social media:

  1. Choosing a tweet of the month or photo of the month on Instagram and offering the member an incentive, such as a free month, free personal training session or half off at the Crunch shop.
  2. Posting the Foursquare mayor’s name or photo at each location.
  3. Have an employee take and post pictures of the photogenic classes to post (with member consent, of course). Invite members to find them and tag themselves. It’s like someone taking gym selfies for you.


Often people are intimidated to try new finess classes. They ask questions like “what should I bring?” “It looks hard, can I keep up?” Crunch could answer these questions, address the fears and promote new classes at the same time with a blog. I would like to see the posts written by a neutral party, not the instructors, who could say things like, “this class isn’t for beginners” or “don’t worry about not keeping up with the choreography. It’s OK to just march along.”

Child-like fun at West 54th Street

leave your inhibitions at home and come bounce and play at the new Boing With Kangoo now at the West 54th Street location!

10 things to know about Boing With Kangoo:

  1. It’s fun. Picture the best day at recess when you were a kid. It’s like that.
  2. Kangoo Jumps are boots with springs on the bottom. Strap on a pair and you can run, jump and dance your way through a workout with low impact.
  3. You will get drenched in sweat: Bring water.
  4. Don’t worry if you don’t get the choreography right away or need a break. Stop, catch your breath and join in again when you’re ready.
  5. Wear tall socks.
  6. You might fall. It happens. No big deal.
  7. Kangoo works your legs and your core as you balance. It’s fun, but it’s not easy.
  8. Kangoo requires no special skills. Come play!
  9. It’s 45 minutes of heart-pumping cardio.
  10. Warning: You might not want it to end.


Abbreviated Air Lake Plumbing SEO plan

Our goal is to increase traffic the company’s website and optimize the site for search engines. The site,, is currently a 0/10 on Google page rank checker. Our siteis currently the seventh search result for “Lakeville, Minn. plumber.” We get approximately 20 unique users per month. The site is currently going through a redesign, so it’s the perfect time to optimize the content for search engines.

Improve on-site SEO

My first step will be to improve site wide SEO. By giving blog entries search friendly URLs. I will also link to our own pages with search-friendly links.

We will also have to commit to updating the blog more frequently since the spiders look for depth and breath.

We’ve identified several cities we’d like to “win on” in search that we currenlty don’t even show up on. I’ll add those terms to our site.

Traffic sources

Since our main goal is to increase traffic and boost knowledge of our company, I’d like to leverage other traffic sources, including paid search. We want to be at the top of the Google search results, even if we need to pay to get there for a while.

We could also create how-to videos to post to sites like with links back to our site. These helpful videos could instruct on basic tasks homeowners can do for themselves, such as turning off water in an emergency or retrieving something that slipped down a drain.

We will also register our information on review sites and encourage customers to review us on sites like People often look for referrals when hiring contractors to work in their homes, so positive feedback on review sites would be key to growing our business.

Social Media

I don’t think leveraging social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter would have a high return on investment for us since no one wants to follow a plumber, but we could look at Tweeting occasionally with hashtags people might be following, such as #minneSNOWta during a snow storm with tips for preventing pipes from freezing or reminding homeowners to turn off their outside water faucets with a link to our blog or video instructions. We could also announce volunteer work there and ask who needs help. After a storm, for example, elderly and disabled folks often need help getting their homes back in working order. We have volunteered our services in the past and could tout that on social media.

We should also monitor social media for our name and address any complaints quickly.

We could look into forming relationships with other contractors, and linking to their sites on our blog or as recommended businesses and ask for similar links back to ours. Since a link to another page is like an endorsement, we could share customers with related needs. This would have to be done carefully since we don’t want to be associated with some companies.