Workout inspiration

A couple years ago, my then-winter boo and I were hanging out at his place — as winter boos do on an especially cold winter evening. Snuggling on the couch, we started watching “The Biggest Loser.” I got so into the show that when he fell asleep, I found more episodes on demand and keptContinue reading “Workout inspiration”

A slight addiction

It’s Workout Wednesday! Let’s talk about workout attire. I remember exactly when it happened. I was taking yoga in New York’s Fashion District. Imagine immaculately dressed fashion models and designers in yoga class. Cute hair. Cute clothes. Cute pedicures. I was there, too. Dressed in my usual cropped running tights and t-shirt. Hair in aContinue reading “A slight addiction”

Get to stepping

Bougie alerted me that yesterday’s post did not publish properly, so it’s Workout Thursday instead. Happy #Workout Wednesday! Today let’s talk about the benefits of walking. I live in New York City. I walk a ton. I easily get the recommended 10,000 steps a day, right? Wrong! It’s harder than you’d think! My commute isContinue reading “Get to stepping”

Getting motivated

This #WorkoutWednesday, it’s all about finding motivation during the worst month of the year. Another round of snow is threatening to dump on New York tomorrow, so I’m making sure I get to the gym tonight. It’s been a long, harsh winter. For being the shortest month, February sure is hanging around longer than itContinue reading “Getting motivated”

No vacation from exercise

Workout Wednesday is colliding with Hawaii Week on the Living Life Big blog! I’m all about being active on vacation without it making it feel like work. Hikes to lookout spots, walking through major cities and paddleboarding through turquoise water are some of my favorites. Hawaii would be a fantastic place for a weight-loss camp.Continue reading “No vacation from exercise”

Workout Wednesday: Time to jump!

It’s Workout Wednesday again! I haven’t played in a while. I still remember my first time. I put on the boots and it took me a couple failures to figure out how to stand up. I took a few hesitant steps, which turned into hops, which turned into full-on jumping. Kangoo Jumps is a low-impact,Continue reading “Workout Wednesday: Time to jump!”


Happy #WorkoutWednesday, everyone! Today I’m putting in some time on the treadmill before a quick 30-minute version of Cardio Sculpt at Crunch. My best fitness friend Coley, a yoga teacher in Minneapolis who is celebrating her birthday today, suggested I try kettlebells. She said she was amazed at how quickly she saw results. No bulkingContinue reading “Stronger!”

What to wear to work out

An important part of working out is dressing appropriately. The shorts you wear to soccer probably aren’t right for yoga. The thick pants that sound like a good idea for fall running will probably make you too warm at the gym. I ran my first 5K a couple years ago at Halloween time. I panickedContinue reading “What to wear to work out”

Roll it out

It’s Workout Wednesday again, but I’m not working out today. It’s recovery day. I’m sore from doing millions of squats and lunges in Super Sculpt and Pound this week. I know I need to stretch more on my own. My doctor told me. My trainer told me. My friends tell me. Every article I readContinue reading “Roll it out”