Deeeeeep down

Here’s a look deep down in my psyche. Something I don’t like to talk about, but fine, let’s go there. My default belief is that success is for other people. No matter how hard I work, no matter what I put out there, I’ll never get to the top because someone else is already there.Continue reading “Deeeeeep down”

I’m (not) the best!

I don’t want to be the type of person who only does things if they can be perfect. I’ve been editing self-help books based on four personality types, and this was yesterday’s topic. As I read these books, sometimes I find myself nodding along. Yesterday I had my final standup paddleboard session of the summer.Continue reading “I’m (not) the best!”

I’m all right

After anxiety attack days – like yesterday – I like to update you all and make sure you know I don’t think I’m a hot mess and my life is a disaster. I’d been feeling anxiety since the weekend. I had two anxiety dreams, but other than soccer starting, I couldn’t really pinpoint what wasContinue reading “I’m all right”

How to find a therapist

I found my therapist through Google. I was searching for a relationship therapist in Seattle when Caley popped up. I scrolled through her website and really liked what I read on her blog. My ex and I both work in digital media, so a tech savvy therapist seemed important to me. Caley and I emailedContinue reading “How to find a therapist”

7 stages of getting back to awesome

Yesterday I alluded to dealing with grief. Yes, that’s true. Chad and I broke up. He gets credit for being the dumper. So I mourn a three-month relationship I thought would be a lot longer. Thank you to the friends who called and texted after reading that post. I didn’t mean to be so alarmist,Continue reading “7 stages of getting back to awesome”

Things therapy ruined for me: Blaming others

Last night I was on the listening side of major rant. The ranter was blaming her ex-boyfriend for all that is wrong in her life, most notably her current lack of funds. The ex had just bought an apartment, but enlisted the services of another broker, leaving her without a fat commission check. Now IContinue reading “Things therapy ruined for me: Blaming others”

Things therapy ruined for me: TV

I’m often asked if I’m living the “Sex and the City” life in New York. I can’t answer “no!” fast enough. Those women are a Grade A mess. I watched the entire series in my early 20s and liked it then, but I cannot even stomach it now. They just do the same dumb thingsContinue reading “Things therapy ruined for me: TV”

Meh! Who wants to be happy anyway?

The other day, a friend sent me a text saying he didn’t think I seem that happy. It pissed me off! How dare this guy I’ve known for five months question my happiness! Who the hell does he think he is? That was the toned down version of what I was thinking. My sister doesn’tContinue reading “Meh! Who wants to be happy anyway?”

I’m human and I have an introverted side

I’m having one of those days when I just feel like I cannot function properly. I got through work fine, but kept thinking about coming home, closing my door and catching up on last week’s episodes of “The Daily Show” and browsing job boards for a new job. I didn’t want to see or talkContinue reading “I’m human and I have an introverted side”