What to wear to work out

An important part of working out is dressing appropriately. The shorts you wear to soccer probably aren’t right for yoga. The thick pants that sound like a good idea for fall running will probably make you too warm at the gym. I ran my first 5K a couple years ago at Halloween time. I panickedContinue reading “What to wear to work out”

Not born to run

At what point do you become “a runner”? Runners World addressed the question this week when a runner and creator of The Oatmeal admitted he used to “hate any kind of exercise. Especially running.” He felt like a runner when not running felt like a chore. I know exactly what he’s talking about. I’m allContinue reading “Not born to run”

A sign or an excuse?

I haven’t been running lately, but I planned to go after work today. I packed my bag: socks, top, hoodie,  pants, expensive-but-so-worth-it Newton running shoes and iPhone holder. I got to work and crap! I forgot my phone at home. I can’t run without the RunKeeper Pro ap reporting my progress over  “California Gurls” andContinue reading “A sign or an excuse?”

Running away

It’s spring! Let’s talk about motivation. What gets you motivated to workout? And what do you like to do? Gym? Group classes? Strictly outdoor? A mix? Two weeks ago, I ran/walked approximately 3 miles around a nearby lake. A few hours after, my whole body ached. Ankles, hamstrings, knees, arms, shoulder, neck. My whole bodyContinue reading “Running away”