What’s Minneapolis like?

I’m occasionally asked, “What’s XX like in Minnesota?” I have to admit, I often don’t know how to answer. Sure, I grew up here, but I moved away 15 years ago. I visit a couple times a year, but I usually come for a long weekend, often in the winter, stay at my parents’ placeContinue reading “What’s Minneapolis like?”

Personality quirks by region

Today is the day I anger everyone! Good read: America’s Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude Seattle My office in New York works closely with the office in the Seattle area. At our recent Christmas party, one of the New York editors was asking me and another guy who usedContinue reading “Personality quirks by region”

Ranking the cities

The three major US cities I’ve lived in differ vastly. They’re all Northern cities. I’m sure if I went south, I’d have different opinions on things. In some ways things really surprised me. So today, I am presenting best of awards. Keep in mind that there are three competitors for each category: Minneapolis, Seattle andContinue reading “Ranking the cities”