It’s not the next chapter, it’s the first chapter

It’s my last night in New York City. I was trying to think of something epic to do, but all I wanted to do was come home and write an article for my class and maybe have a glass of wine (definitely have a glass of wine). And that reminded me why I’m moving outContinue reading “It’s not the next chapter, it’s the first chapter”


Last August I read an article about standup-paddleboard yoga on Ballard’s Salmon Bay. I immediately wanted to try it, but couldn’t think of which Seattle friend enjoys both yoga and water-based activities. I mentioned it to a few people who seemed moderately interested, though non-committal. I decided I wasn’t going to miss out on theContinue reading “Sup?”

How I spent my summer vacation

I have a week left of summer vacation! I had such big plans for what I was going to do with six glorious weeks without class. I start back on Thursday. Luckily I was smart and only registered for one class over the summer because I’m looking forward to movies and concerts in the park,Continue reading “How I spent my summer vacation”

Some good advice

A couple years ago, my manager told me, “When your life starts getting comfortable, it’s time to shake something up.” At the time, she was trying to convince me to use the company’s education fund and take a class. Although it took me a while to appreciate her wisdom and follow her advice, I oftenContinue reading “Some good advice”

Now you’re in New York

Some observations: A NY friend started a conversation with the phrase, “you know how people throw trash in the street …” A crowd gathered in the park. I stopped to check out what they were checking out. It was a squirrel. Not a squirrel with a doughnut around it’s head or anything interesting. Just aContinue reading “Now you’re in New York”