Paddleboarding: FAIL! (or not)

Paddleboarding alongside my teacher, I was learning a badass new stroke that would make me go faster. I nailed the first couple minutes. Then I got cocky, lost balance and went off the left side of my board straight. Into. The. Hudson. “Yeah!” Allesandro cheered. “See? You start taking chances and sometimes you go swimming.Continue reading “Paddleboarding: FAIL! (or not)”

Living in the real world

I had my nails manicured last weekend. They looked beautiful – the perfect metallicy pink for my skin tone. The paint started chipping yesterday. I found myself liking it even better. They were too perfect before. I like the chipped imperfection. I mentioned before that I strive for perfection. But the more I think aboutContinue reading “Living in the real world”