Feeling crabby

Since learning my identity was stolen, I’ve increased my wine purchases, attendance at cardio boxing and developed an eye twitch. I’m also sick of my hair stylist telling me I’m stressed. “It’s not good for your hair, baby.” I know! I know! It’s not helping my skin or mood either. I feel like all theContinue reading “Feeling crabby”

Workout Wednesdays: Part 1

A Twitter user I follow started #workoutwednesday . I’m playing, too. A couple years ago, I got off the elliptical and got serious about working out. I’m not sure what finally gave me that kick in the pants to step up my fitness. Maybe it was the fact that I was 30 and not gettingContinue reading “Workout Wednesdays: Part 1”

Life, challenges and love

I promised myself I’d write about the bad times as often as the good. After all, what good is a blog if it’s all happy, fun times? That’s not realistic. I’ve morphed and so has this blog, but the intent remains. If I can help just one person feel less alone in what they’re feeling,Continue reading “Life, challenges and love”

Candace reviews Crunch gyms

I love my gym. Love. Love. Love. A gym membership is a huge commitment, and I’m cheap. I tried a couple gyms in Manhattan before I decided on Crunch. What drew me to Crunch initially was SurfSet. I’m kind of over SurfSet now, but it got me to buy a 30-day trial for $30. IContinue reading “Candace reviews Crunch gyms”

I heart introverts

I was surprised by how many of my friends reposted this on Facebook this week. I have a lot of introverted friends. I guess that explains why I’m always the one planning group outings and happy hours. I’m the annoying friend always saying, “let’s hang out!” I was a 4 out of 10 on theContinue reading “I heart introverts”

Out of sight, out of mind?

I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you this, but my sister recently shed some weight. On doctor’s advice, she eliminated dairy and gluten from her diet. I think that would be so hard. Gluten and dairy are some of my favorite things. I’ve been wracking my brain about what I would eat if IContinue reading “Out of sight, out of mind?”

Candace reviews Well + Good

I’d like to introduce a new section I’m calling “Candace reviews” where I get to review whatever the heck I want because this is my blog, and I said so. Today it’s the health and fitness site, Well + Good. I discovered it a couple weeks ago, and I feel like this was designed withContinue reading “Candace reviews Well + Good”

I’m all right

After anxiety attack days – like yesterday – I like to update you all and make sure you know I don’t think I’m a hot mess and my life is a disaster. I’d been feeling anxiety since the weekend. I had two anxiety dreams, but other than soccer starting, I couldn’t really pinpoint what wasContinue reading “I’m all right”

Living with rosacea

My name is Candace and I have a skin condition called rosacea. Rosacea is a hereditary condition (my mom and sister have it, too) that is characterized by redness of the face. I get some bumpiness as well. It’s most common among women of Western European descent. It’s 100 percent cosmetic. For the most part,Continue reading “Living with rosacea”