My friends are your friends

Years ago, I had a gathering of friends from different circles. One of my girlfriends paid me a great compliment when she said, “You have awesome friends.” It made me feel like I was doing something right. I really do have fantastic friends, and it makes me straight-up giddy when they adore one another. IContinue reading “My friends are your friends”

Friends are the family you choose

One of the accomplishments I’m proudest of in my life is making good friends. I always had friends when I was young, but they came and went. I don’t have a childhood BFF (unless you count the ones I’m related to. Thank goodness my parents didn’t let me eff up those relationships). As I gotContinue reading “Friends are the family you choose”

Dreaming out loud

It’s easy to talk and fantasize about dreams. “We should open a bar together.” “It would be awesome if I could make a living doing something I love.” “How cool would it be to move to New York for a year?” Putting words into action is a lot harder. I’ve been making arrangements to moveContinue reading “Dreaming out loud”

If you want to be happy, be!

I consider myself a positive, happy person. In fact, I’ve been known to annoy people with my optimism. So, I was taken by surprise when my therapist told me I need to recognize happiness in my present life. She said I, like many people, tend to expect to find happiness in the future (she’s right.Continue reading “If you want to be happy, be!”