What the dinges are you eating?

I’m obsessed with food trucks. New York has amazing sidewalk cuisine. You can get your Thai food, Korean BBQ, flaffel sandwiches and wafels & dinges right on the sidewalk. That’s right, I said you can have dinges on the sidewalk. It’s the most celebrated of the food trucks and it shows up on the MidtownContinue reading “What the dinges are you eating?”

Takeout is not groceries!

I was an exceptional eater in Seattle. I’d start my days with oatmeal. I’d throw in a handful of frozen blueberries and a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. Sometimes a shake of cinnamon would get thrown in as well. I often grabbed lunch out from PCC Natural Markets in Fremont. TheyContinue reading “Takeout is not groceries!”

Expectations vs. reality

New York is like no place I’ve ever lived. That sounds like an obvious statement, but I’m reminded of the fact every day. The differences are neither better nor worse. On Tuesday, I’ll have been in New York for four weeks. And I’ve adapted in ways I really did not expect. My food habits areContinue reading “Expectations vs. reality”