Workout Wednesday: Time to jump!

It’s Workout Wednesday again! I haven’t played in a while. I still remember my first time. I put on the boots and it took me a couple failures to figure out how to stand up. I took a few hesitant steps, which turned into hops, which turned into full-on jumping. Kangoo Jumps is a low-impact,Continue reading “Workout Wednesday: Time to jump!”

What to wear to work out

An important part of working out is dressing appropriately. The shorts you wear to soccer probably aren’t right for yoga. The thick pants that sound like a good idea for fall running will probably make you too warm at the gym. I ran my first 5K a couple years ago at Halloween time. I panickedContinue reading “What to wear to work out”

Keeps getting better

Yesterday I caught up on “Parks & Recreation.” One of the episodes was focused on the question: Has your life improved in the last year? I’m all about looking forward, not back, but as I pondered this question for myself, I read through last May’s archives. In May 2012, I was living with the boysContinue reading “Keeps getting better”

Paddleboarding: FAIL! (or not)

Paddleboarding alongside my teacher, I was learning a badass new stroke that would make me go faster. I nailed the first couple minutes. Then I got cocky, lost balance and went off the left side of my board straight. Into. The. Hudson. “Yeah!” Allesandro cheered. “See? You start taking chances and sometimes you go swimming.Continue reading “Paddleboarding: FAIL! (or not)”


Last August I read an article about standup-paddleboard yoga on Ballard’s Salmon Bay. I immediately wanted to try it, but couldn’t think of which Seattle friend enjoys both yoga and water-based activities. I mentioned it to a few people who seemed moderately interested, though non-committal. I decided I wasn’t going to miss out on theContinue reading “Sup?”

Auntie Candace’s urban fitness plan

Let’s start with a warmup walk through Central Park. You push a preschooler up hills, through crowds and “faster! Faster!” Stop at the playground and try to match your mini-me’s energy climbing, digging and running. Little one gets a rest while you resume pushing stroller up hills and through crowds to your next destination. WhenContinue reading “Auntie Candace’s urban fitness plan”