Describe your childhood

How would you describe your childhood? This was a question I read on a list of safe topics for the holiday dinner table. And I liked it. I asked a few people. And got some thoughtful responses, beginning with “happy” and “a roller coaster.” Then I thought I should figure out my own answer. TheContinue reading “Describe your childhood”


Sometimes things happen for a reason. And sometimes that reason reveals itself quickly. This day-after Thanksgiving, I’m not thankful for sales at my favorite stores. I’m grateful to all the people in my life and to be back in Seattle. For being home to 8 million people (and less than 24 million rats, my parentsContinue reading “Thankful”

‘I love ____ the really, really most’

When my sister was pregnant with my nephew Adam, I remember thinking, “I’m glad I got to be Isabella’s godmother because she’s obviously cooler than this new kid is going to be.” When my brother and sister-in-law told me they were expecting Nolan, I thought something similar. Well, this new kid can’t possibly be asContinue reading “‘I love ____ the really, really most’”

Friends are the family you choose

One of the accomplishments I’m proudest of in my life is making good friends. I always had friends when I was young, but they came and went. I don’t have a childhood BFF (unless you count the ones I’m related to. Thank goodness my parents didn’t let me eff up those relationships). As I gotContinue reading “Friends are the family you choose”

Auntie’s buddies

See these faces? I love them unconditionally. I would do anything for these kids. They’re also the reasons work has been so difficult for me lately. It was so hard to report the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, look at pictures of 6-year-olds who were killed and not think about my ownContinue reading “Auntie’s buddies”