Expectations vs. reality

New York is like no place I’ve ever lived. That sounds like an obvious statement, but I’m reminded of the fact every day. The differences are neither better nor worse. On Tuesday, I’ll have been in New York for four weeks. And I’ve adapted in ways I really did not expect. My food habits areContinue reading “Expectations vs. reality”

Time to break some rules

I grew up in a suburban house with a big yard and tons of privacy. My parents have 3.5 acres of mature trees on a cul-de-sac. Big, flat front and side yards were perfect for playing volleyball, croquet or frisbee. My siblings, cousins, friends and I could fly through a clearing in the back onContinue reading “Time to break some rules”

Running away

It’s spring! Let’s talk about motivation. What gets you motivated to workout? And what do you like to do? Gym? Group classes? Strictly outdoor? A mix? Two weeks ago, I ran/walked approximately 3 miles around a nearby lake. A few hours after, my whole body ached. Ankles, hamstrings, knees, arms, shoulder, neck. My whole bodyContinue reading “Running away”