Ready for some emotional vomit?

Tonight I found myself across the table from this guy who just looked sad irritated. I’m sure I reflected his mood. Shortly after, we were on the subway platform arguing. When we got on the train, I could see him hurting. I considered back-tracking, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t go against my feelings just toContinue reading “Ready for some emotional vomit?”

Check the box for ‘white girl from the Midwest’

I’m 50 percent Irish, 25 percent Swedish, the rest European mutt. I tell you that because for the purposes of today’s post, race and ethnicity is relevant. I’ve had people tell me I’m too pale and should go tanning, which I think is very rude. But that’s about as far as the judgements about meContinue reading “Check the box for ‘white girl from the Midwest’”