I swear I lived

Hanauma Bay, you complete me.
Hanauma Bay, you complete me.

In Hawaii, my friends and I talked a lot about the awesome things we’ve done in our lives. #YOYO. James went shark diving and didn’t let Navani and me forget that we didn’t. We, however, made friends with a pair of turtles on the beach while James was out in the deep blue sea.

So we posed for a honu selfie.
So we posed for a honu selfie.

I know I don’t care for having my breathing obstructed. Wearing masks, even scarves covering my mouth and nose make me uncomfortable, so I didn’t want to snorkel. But then we looked out Hanauma Bay, home to an amazing reef. When I saw it from the cliff, I knew I wanted in that water. We found some snorkeling gear in the shed and went to the beach. I tried it, but as predicted I hated it. My breathing was panicky, I started flailing around in the water and banged up my knees on the reef and crashing into fellow snorkelers. I was certain I was going to step on one of the pretty yellow fish and kill it, so I got Candace Nelson’s ass out of the water and let Navani effortlessly follow fish around the reef on her own. Even though it gave me anxiety, I was glad I didn’t let fear stop me from having an experience. I saw some cool fish and reef before I got out of the water.

But the trip got me thinking about the cool things I have done in my life. They’re not death-defying adventures, but they’re accomplishments I’m proud of nonetheless

1. Went parasailing on the French Riviera.

2. Went away to Western Washington University for college.

3. Drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge
In case you didn’t know what it looked like.

4. Summited mountains, like Mount Ellinor.
5. Biked Copenhagen.
Copenhagen is for bikers

6. Paddleboarded with seals in Seattle.

7. Moved to New York by myself.

8. Went bobsledding.

I'm not Canadian. Just a fan.
I’m not Canadian. Just a fan.

9. Knit two blankets.

10. Wrote articles thousands of people have read.

I have a dozens of unplanned life stories that I make me smile (now): Interviewing at a bodybuilding magazine, high-fiving Stephen Colbert, getting pulled over at gunpoint in Mexico, getting three restraining orders issued (to protect me, not against me), eating cupcakes with Tara until our bellies hurt. Life offers many chances to curl up or rise up. I hope for the rest of my life, I don’t fear taking the pain and owning every second. But maybe I’ll go easy on the cupcakes next time.What are the top 10 moments in your life? Please share!

This is my theme song of the moment.

I post therefore I do stuff

I went for cupcakes and sangria with friends yesterday. I posted pictures on Instagram.

cupcake as posted by @NavaniKnows

An office mate and I joked about an odd product called “Half and Half Skim Plus” in the fridge. Picture snapped and posted on Facebook.

Is this a real thing?
Is this a real thing?

I endured a round of “Happy Birthday” and posted a quip about it on Twitter.


If I didn’t share these things on social media, would they still have happened? (I posed this question at work yesterday and the copy editor joked back, “No, that means I didn’t eat half a chocolate cake last night”). Would my life have been less complete, if my followers didn’t get to see a picture of the latte design the barista at Blue Bottle crafted?

I’ve never shunned social media. I had a MySpace page that was upgraded to Facebook. My fingerprint includes Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+, a YouTube channel and a blog. I’ve taken classes and now have a fancy-sounding certificate from NYU declaring me a digital publishing expert. I prefer “social media strategist.”

Yes, it’s true that we all put our best stuff out there. But research backs that up. No one wants to read depressing tweets. Wouldn’t you unfollow someone if her feed looked like this?

5:50 a.m. Cat wailing woke me up.

7:45 a.m. All alone at the office on my birthday

9:30 a.m. It’s raining. Booo!

12:30 p.m. Boss reamed me for my morning choices, then wished me a happy birthday

4:10 p.m. Walking around the West Village when my umbrella broke

5:30 p.m. I WANT MY CUPCAKE!

9:00 p.m. Birthday burrito will soak up all that sangria I drank, right?

10:30 p.m. Cat is wailing. What’s wrong with him?

Of course you would! No social media strategist would write that because it would annoy everyone. Nope, strategy dictates we post funny photos and relatable quips.

So I joke about it a lot. What’s the point of hiking if I can’t brag about it to my Facebook friends? Isn’t a funny New York moment best when shared with friends in Seattle and Minneapolis?

My next goals are to master Vine and Tumblr, so get excited or stop following me.