Yogurt goodness

Would you mix Greek yogurt with hummus?

Me neither until Quyn introduced me to the Chobani SoHo Cafe last summer. The cute cafe in the fashionable neighborhood does crazy things serve mango and avocado in yogurt.

My homemade version

But it’s delicious! My favorite is the Hummus +Za’atar (hummus, yogurt, whole chickpeas, olive oil an sea salt, served with pita chips).

I’ve decided to copy the recipe at home. I do a little more hummus than yogurt, so it looks like hummus. I added cucumber slices and carrots. Then I swapped the pita chips for gluten-free tortilla chips. It’s the perfect lunch or snack for warm days when I don’t want to cook. That pretty much means I’ve upgraded last summer’s go-to dinner of carrots and hummus to this.

Do you have your own yogurt creations? I’d love to hear. I’ve long been a fruit-and-granola-with-yogurt girl.