The case of the groggy roommates

In case you were worried about me after yesterday’s post, I’ve pinpointed a possible cause for my recent exhaustion. It has nothing to do with stress, poor diet or disinterest. New York isn’t trying to mess with me. It’s trying to repair its streets. Scene: 9:38 p.m.: The Actor, Ryan and I are wordlessly watchingContinue reading “The case of the groggy roommates”

Takeout is not groceries!

I was an exceptional eater in Seattle. I’d start my days with oatmeal. I’d throw in a handful of frozen blueberries and a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. Sometimes a shake of cinnamon would get thrown in as well. I often grabbed lunch out from PCC Natural Markets in Fremont. TheyContinue reading “Takeout is not groceries!”

Big city vs. big house

I went to Maryland last weekend to visit my sister and her family (Hi, Kelly!). I knew her small-town home would be the polar opposite of my own Manhattan apartment. Her house is spacious with storage everywhere and four toilets. Her basement is bigger than the entire one-toilet apartment I share with two other people.Continue reading “Big city vs. big house”