Content strategy

Health insurance in context

Customer listening, personal experience, and common sense told me that when individuals get a big, scary diagnosis, they want support. They might be asking Dr. Google for help during a period of 2 a.m. insomnia.

I looked at phone calls data and talked to experts to answer commonly asked questions in a reassuring, but not coddling way. The sections on mental health, pregnancy, and preventive care helped reduce phone calls 10.5% and made the phone calls we received more targeted to the individual.

Tone and Voice Refresh

LifeWise got a new brand identity and I got to bring it to life with new tone and voice. The website needed to reflect the we heard you, you can do this message.

Brand Story Developed

Air Lake Plumbing needed a voice and a personality. I positioned the company as being family-focused–just like you.

Video Storytelling

Listened to stories, created talking points, sometimes served as content therapist encouraging colleagues to go on camera.

Not taking medication properly can lead to health problems and costly hospital stays.

Help your teen take control of their healthcare.

How a team of caregivers helped tame a mysterious disease.