Pregnancy microsite

Content strategy

Health insurance in context

The request was to add links to breast pump providers on the website. Customers were calling to get the list of in-network providers. The question was: Is this the problem or a symptom of the problem?

Based on customer listening, stakeholder interviews, call data, and my own instinct, I decided to create a pregnancy microsite that would provide more information to pregnant women. Pregnancy is a unique condition in that a person is engaged with their health plan for a generally positive reason. This became an excellent opportunity to wow customers. The result was a 10.5 percent decrease in pregnancy-related phone calls. Callers asked more tailored questions about their individual plan rather than broad questions about coverage.

Mental health, life-changing diagnosis, and more followed.

Tone and Voice Refresh

LifeWise got a new brand identity and I got to bring it to life digitally through content strategy.

Brand Story Developed

Air Lake Plumbing needed a voice and a personality.

Video Planning

Planned sponsored content segments and talking points for TV appearances

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