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A tale of two sets of shoes

What’s the difference between this collection of shoes … and this collection of shoes? The first image is of cheap, unwearable shoes. They kill my feet. I don’t know why I held onto them all winter. The thought of putting them on my feet gives me that I-don’t-wanna feeling. I can walk around the city…

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Thanks, Mom

I don’t know how to begin to thank the woman who handled disgusting tasks for me, built up my self-confidence, endured my nastiness and watched me leave home. My mom worked nights, so she’d be home during the day in case my siblings and I needed something delivered to school, to stay home sick or…

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How to find a therapist

I found my therapist through Google. I was searching for a relationship therapist in Seattle when Caley popped up. I scrolled through her website and really liked what I read on her blog. My ex and I both work in digital media, so a tech savvy therapist seemed important to me. Caley and I emailed…

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