Ohana means family and family means everyone’s life gets blogged

The New York Ohana has been a big part of my story. I’ve been asked for more info about them, so here you go! The Quyn character has been played by Quyn, a New York Times VJ. She recently went on a spontaneous solo trip to Paris to paint, eat croissants and take photos. She’sContinue reading “Ohana means family and family means everyone’s life gets blogged”

It’s not the next chapter, it’s the first chapter

It’s my last night in New York City. I was trying to think of something epic to do, but all I wanted to do was come home and write an article for my class and maybe have a glass of wine (definitely have a glass of wine). And that reminded me why I’m moving outContinue reading “It’s not the next chapter, it’s the first chapter”

A tale of two sets of shoes

What’s the difference between this collection of shoes … and this collection of shoes? The first image is of cheap, unwearable shoes. They kill my feet. I don’t know why I held onto them all winter. The thought of putting them on my feet gives me that I-don’t-wanna feeling. I can walk around the cityContinue reading “A tale of two sets of shoes”

Thanks, Mom

I don’t know how to begin to thank the woman who handled disgusting tasks for me, built up my self-confidence, endured my nastiness and watched me leave home. My mom worked nights, so she’d be home during the day in case my siblings and I needed something delivered to school, to stay home sick orContinue reading “Thanks, Mom”

How to find a therapist

I found my therapist through Google. I was searching for a relationship therapist in Seattle when Caley popped up. I scrolled through her website and really liked what I read on her blog. My ex and I both work in digital media, so a tech savvy therapist seemed important to me. Caley and I emailedContinue reading “How to find a therapist”

I know I studied communications in college, but …

I believe I’m meeting the world’s most awkward Craigslist seller tomorrow. Here’s how NOT to have a conversation. Email 1 Me: Hello, I’m interested in the printer on Craigslist. Is that still available? Seller: Yes. Email 2 Me: Great! Are you available at all today? Seller: No. Email 3 Me: Tomorrow? I could meet youContinue reading “I know I studied communications in college, but …”

Enough with the bad news

For the last year or so, I feel like we’ve just been hammered with bad news. As someone who works in news, there’s just no escape. It’s not starting to take a toll on me, it already has. As we hung up after our handoff call with the West Coast editors today, my fellow NewContinue reading “Enough with the bad news”