Things therapy ruined for me: Neediness

The cat has been crying at me off and on since I got home from my vacation this morning. I fed him, washed his bowls, played with him, brushed him and rubbed his ears. His crying is driving me crazy, and makes me want to put him in the bathroom, so I don’t have toContinue reading “Things therapy ruined for me: Neediness”

Things therapy ruined for me: Living for what’s next

I spent a lot of time believing that I would be happier when _________. When I paid off my student loan. When I left Bremerton. When I found a new job. Whatever. I wasn’t making myself happy today. I was waiting to some milestone that wouldn’t really change my mindset. But those were benchmarks, notContinue reading “Things therapy ruined for me: Living for what’s next”

Things therapy ruined for me: Blaming others

Last night I was on the listening side of major rant. The ranter was blaming her ex-boyfriend for all that is wrong in her life, most notably her current lack of funds. The ex had just bought an apartment, but enlisted the services of another broker, leaving her without a fat commission check. Now IContinue reading “Things therapy ruined for me: Blaming others”

Things Therapy Ruined: Excuses

Note: I’m starting an occasional feature I like to call Things Therapy Ruined for Me, in which I get to rant about something that drives me bonkers in my post-therapy life. You can also read a piece I wrote for Rachael magazine (subscription required). First up: Excuses. Life is all about choices. I love myContinue reading “Things Therapy Ruined: Excuses”