World news … tomorrow, maybe?

The morning of July 20, 2012, my boss called and woke me up. “Candace, there’s been a shooting,” he began. I immediately thought he meant at our office or the Seattle office. “At a movie theater in Colorado,” he continued. Now I was wondering why he called to tell me that. Oh, right, because we’reContinue reading “World news … tomorrow, maybe?”

Bring back that excited feeling

“Are you feeling excited about anything?” Navani asked me the other night when we were texting. As I mentioned, I was feeling blue about a number of things, capping the night off with learning that my Papa had died. At that moment, no, I couldn’t think of one thing I was excited about. Thankfully, asContinue reading “Bring back that excited feeling”

This is a no-stress zone

I’ve been so stressed this week. Like, sick-to-my-stomach, I’ve-developed-a-rash stressed. Why? Oh, I just quit my job, my boss was in town (he’s a good boss, for the record) during another intense news cycle while the how-tos of my job change daily (sometimes hourly), so I constantly wonder if I’m doing things right or ifContinue reading “This is a no-stress zone”

My ass is going where my heart wants to be

In my daily search of job listings yesterday, I found one that looked interesting, challenging, paid really well, but was not for me. I sent it to a friend/co-worker. This morning I had an email from him, saying it looked interesting, but why wasn’t I going for it. My answer was simple: It’s not somethingContinue reading “My ass is going where my heart wants to be”

What’s your secret passion?

In my last post, I asked what you would keep doing if no one was watching. Today I have another question. What would you try, if no one was watching? Don’t be shy, it’s OK to tell us in the comments. There’s no judgment. We’re all friends here on the internet. I’ll start us off.Continue reading “What’s your secret passion?”

What would you do in a world of no selfies?

If you were the last person on Earth, no one was left to impress, would you still do the things you do today? This is the question Steven Pressfield asks in the book “The War of Art.” I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read the last paragraph on the train yesterday. Would IContinue reading “What would you do in a world of no selfies?”

Commonly asked questions about my blog

1.  Do you ever go back and read your posts? A: All the time. I don’t deny that I’m my biggest fan and responsible for most of my page views. Here are my four favorites. A former roommate/song writer used to talk about “emotional vomit,” fueling his songs. These two are raw emotion. I wasContinue reading “Commonly asked questions about my blog”