It’s starting to feel like home

The simple things that make a place feel like home. When I move, I generally first make the bed because it’s just nice to know it’s there and waiting when I’m ready. I was so pleased to pick up some boxes from Chris and Betsy’s basement and find some coasters my niece and sister madeContinue reading “It’s starting to feel like home”

What’s your secret passion?

In my last post, I asked what you would keep doing if no one was watching. Today I have another question. What would you try, if no one was watching? Don’t be shy, it’s OK to tell us in the comments. There’s no judgment. We’re all friends here on the internet. I’ll start us off.Continue reading “What’s your secret passion?”

What would you do in a world of no selfies?

If you were the last person on Earth, no one was left to impress, would you still do the things you do today? This is the question Steven Pressfield asks in the book “The War of Art.” I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read the last paragraph on the train yesterday. Would IContinue reading “What would you do in a world of no selfies?”

Get cultured

When I first arrived in New York City, I took full advantage of all the culture around me. I was a regular in the Broadway ticket lines. I visited as many museums as would have me. I was all about flashing my NYU student ID . In fact, one Saturday, I hit three museums! IContinue reading “Get cultured”

We’re moving!

Welcome to Newest York City! Population: 8 million. Bougie James had a brilliant idea. We ditch the island of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs and create a new New York somewhere with better weather and perhaps fewer superstorms. We will bring all the good of the Big Apple and leave behind the rats. I’ve started aContinue reading “We’re moving!”

My favorite book

I have a book I’ve read dozens of times. I’ve purchased several copies as gifts (spoiler alert to my journalist friend Magdalene Perez). I even improv my own words from time to time. My niece loved the book when she was little(r). She called it “top side, bottom side” because it went like this: IContinue reading “My favorite book”

Yogurt goodness

Would you mix Greek yogurt with hummus? Me neither until Quyn introduced me to the Chobani SoHo Cafe last summer. The cute cafe in the fashionable neighborhood does crazy things serve mango and avocado in yogurt. But it’s delicious! My favorite is the Hummus +Za’atar (hummus, yogurt, whole chickpeas, olive oil an sea salt, servedContinue reading “Yogurt goodness”

My identity

It’s ironic that while (very slowly) sorting out an identity theft situation, I’m taking a close look at who I am. I’m taking a brand writing class, which is all about creating a brand’s image. I’ve had a couple very eye-opening life coaching sessions. In the first one, I realized that my career isn’t topContinue reading “My identity”

I swear I lived

In Hawaii, my friends and I talked a lot about the awesome things we’ve done in our lives. #YOYO. James went shark diving and didn’t let Navani and me forget that we didn’t. We, however, made friends with a pair of turtles on the beach while James was out in the deep blue sea. IContinue reading “I swear I lived”

Victory is so sweet

Readers who don’t care for the Seahawks can skip this post and read Oprah magazine instead. Here’s a link. “This is our moment.” I said those words to my friend Brandon after the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win on Sunday. We were excitedly walking toward Carlow East, the Seahawks fans’ meeting place on Manhattan’s Upper EastContinue reading “Victory is so sweet”