Describe your childhood

How would you describe your childhood? This was a question I read on a list of safe topics for the holiday dinner table. And I liked it. I asked a few people. And got some thoughtful responses, beginning with “happy” and “a roller coaster.” Then I thought I should figure out my own answer. TheContinue reading “Describe your childhood”

An inspiring example of living life

I’m so inspired by this woman and her late husband. I’m also proud to be (distantly) related to her. Here’s the synopsis: Nora’s then-boyfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. An eternally positive person, he says he can handle it. They married anyway, had a baby, lived life. This year, she not only lost herContinue reading “An inspiring example of living life”


Sometimes things happen for a reason. And sometimes that reason reveals itself quickly. This day-after Thanksgiving, I’m not thankful for sales at my favorite stores. I’m grateful to all the people in my life and to be back in Seattle. For being home to 8 million people (and less than 24 million rats, my parentsContinue reading “Thankful”

My big Midwestern family

When my Uncle Dan was  in Seattle, he and his friend took me and my then-bf to dinner. Our plus-ones were sitting there kinda bored while Uncle Dan and I caught one another up on what’s going on in the family. At one point his friend chimed in, saying something along the lines of, “youContinue reading “My big Midwestern family”

Bring back that excited feeling

“Are you feeling excited about anything?” Navani asked me the other night when we were texting. As I mentioned, I was feeling blue about a number of things, capping the night off with learning that my Papa had died. At that moment, no, I couldn’t think of one thing I was excited about. Thankfully, asContinue reading “Bring back that excited feeling”

This is a no-stress zone

I’ve been so stressed this week. Like, sick-to-my-stomach, I’ve-developed-a-rash stressed. Why? Oh, I just quit my job, my boss was in town (he’s a good boss, for the record) during another intense news cycle while the how-tos of my job change daily (sometimes hourly), so I constantly wonder if I’m doing things right or ifContinue reading “This is a no-stress zone”

Was it the best day of the whole year?

About a month ago, I was reading my horoscope in Elle at the salon. It said such good things about the month ahead that I got excited for my summer. It said July 24 would be the best day of the whole year. Naturally, I made a note on my calendar. Here’s how it went:Continue reading “Was it the best day of the whole year?”

A few good men

When I was looking for apartments, I found an otherwise perfect one – except it was on the first floor. My then-boyfriend said he would have considered that a convenience, not a safety issue. I walk a block out of my way to my nearest subway station to avoid a man who openly harasses womenContinue reading “A few good men”