We’re not in Manhattan anymore

I had to fill up my car with gas the other day. I confidently pulled up alongside the pump and got out. I was ready to master this once-simple task. Dammit! Wrong side. Leaving New York comes with need for retraining. Getting gas for my car has been among the most difficult tasks to master.Continue reading “We’re not in Manhattan anymore”

4 days remain

“It’s OK to throw away the peas” I breathed a sigh of relief when Navani said those words. I put so much pressure on myself not to be wasteful, but I’m moving, and I can’t take everything with me. I also can’t eat it all before I go. Believe me, I’ve been trying. So, I’mContinue reading “4 days remain”

New York detox

Last night, I was looking on Meetup for a former New Yorkers group in Seattle. I feel like we all need a guide to help us adjust to life outside the Big Apple. We need someone to: Grab our wrists when we start walking out into the street. Remind us that “Manha’an” actually has twoContinue reading “New York detox”

This is a no-stress zone

I’ve been so stressed this week. Like, sick-to-my-stomach, I’ve-developed-a-rash stressed. Why? Oh, I just quit my job, my boss was in town (he’s a good boss, for the record) during another intense news cycle while the how-tos of my job change daily (sometimes hourly), so I constantly wonder if I’m doing things right or ifContinue reading “This is a no-stress zone”

Was it the best day of the whole year?

About a month ago, I was reading my horoscope in Elle at the salon. It said such good things about the month ahead that I got excited for my summer. It said July 24 would be the best day of the whole year. Naturally, I made a note on my calendar. Here’s how it went:Continue reading “Was it the best day of the whole year?”

Get cultured

When I first arrived in New York City, I took full advantage of all the culture around me. I was a regular in the Broadway ticket lines. I visited as many museums as would have me. I was all about flashing my NYU student ID . In fact, one Saturday, I hit three museums! IContinue reading “Get cultured”