Our incredibly reactive bodies

If discussions about weight trigger you, don’t read this. “Text Me When You Get Home” is  a good read. Try that instead. Body fat increases during the adult years, particularly visceral fat. It’s a gradual process and easy not to notice because often weight stays constant as fat overtakes muscle. It’s not all bad. TheContinue reading “Our incredibly reactive bodies”

Falling back

Look who’s back! After a couple of years on hiatus, I decided I have a new Living Life Big story to tell. This is the story of Candace getting healthier and living life to the fullest. It feels appropriate to start documenting my journey today. When daylight saving time ends and it feels dark allContinue reading “Falling back”

Workout inspiration

A couple years ago, my then-winter boo and I were hanging out at his place — as winter boos do on an especially cold winter evening. Snuggling on the couch, we started watching “The Biggest Loser.” I got so into the show that when he fell asleep, I found more episodes on demand and keptContinue reading “Workout inspiration”

An inspiring example of living life

I’m so inspired by this woman and her late husband. I’m also proud to be (distantly) related to her. Here’s the synopsis: Nora’s then-boyfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. An eternally positive person, he says he can handle it. They married anyway, had a baby, lived life. This year, she not only lost herContinue reading “An inspiring example of living life”

I’ll take care of it, thanks.

I spent much of the day looking into what Millennials want (I know. Welcome to marketing.) I was surprised about how by-the-book Millennial I am. Pretty much every bullet described me. While it wasn’t groundbreaking research I did, I combined it with my working knowledge of psychology and human behavior and found it all fascinating.Continue reading “I’ll take care of it, thanks.”

This is a no-stress zone

I’ve been so stressed this week. Like, sick-to-my-stomach, I’ve-developed-a-rash stressed. Why? Oh, I just quit my job, my boss was in town (he’s a good boss, for the record) during another intense news cycle while the how-tos of my job change daily (sometimes hourly), so I constantly wonder if I’m doing things right or ifContinue reading “This is a no-stress zone”

Work it

https://twitter.com/candacenelson/status/489914743394541568 Years ago, my aunt, the massage therapist, told me that your muscles are like Play-Doh. When they’re not worked, they get stiff. If you start massaging them and moving them, they become soft and pliable again. I have a desk job, which makes it really hard not to get stiff. I make a pointContinue reading “Work it”

My super-trendy diet

“Candace, imagine if someone told you you could never eat your favorite food again. It would be hard, right?” my sweet former-co-worker once posed. Debi was struggling to quit smoking, and I was struggling to understand why she wouldn’t just stop doing something she knew could kill her. But when she described it in termsContinue reading “My super-trendy diet”