There’s a real person here

I’m guessing the guy who sent me the disgusting message at work on Monday didn’t take a minute to think about how his words, emoticon, and “lol” would make me feel. He probably didn’t expect me to cry in the women’s bathroom. He probably doesn’t know that I left early and my best friend atContinue reading “There’s a real person here”

Bring back that excited feeling

“Are you feeling excited about anything?” Navani asked me the other night when we were texting. As I mentioned, I was feeling blue about a number of things, capping the night off with learning that my Papa had died. At that moment, no, I couldn’t think of one thing I was excited about. Thankfully, asContinue reading “Bring back that excited feeling”

Feeling crabby

Since learning my identity was stolen, I’ve increased my wine purchases, attendance at cardio boxing and developed an eye twitch. I’m also sick of my hair stylist telling me I’m stressed. “It’s not good for your hair, baby.” I know! I know! It’s not helping my skin or mood either. I feel like all theContinue reading “Feeling crabby”

My identity

It’s ironic that while (very slowly) sorting out an identity theft situation, I’m taking a close look at who I am. I’m taking a brand writing class, which is all about creating a brand’s image. I’ve had a couple very eye-opening life coaching sessions. In the first one, I realized that my career isn’t topContinue reading “My identity”

Best Month Ever

It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s wrong, and when I do that, I write a post like this sad December one. When a polar vortex is hitting New York and I have the option to work from home, it’s easy to get stuck in my four walls. That’s not a good placeContinue reading “Best Month Ever”

I’m on Team You

When I went to therapy, my therapist and I talked a lot about “shoulds.” I went in talking about how I wanted to volunteer and advance in my career, get married and have kids. She asked me if I really want those things or if I feel like I “should” want them because my parentsContinue reading “I’m on Team You”

You outta know

I love the “things you didn’t know about me” posts going around Facebook. Not because I’m narcissistic and love an excuse to talk about myself (though that’s not untrue), but because I think it’s helpful to learn more about the people I love. Granted the lists on Facebook are more hilarious than deep, but IContinue reading “You outta know”