Making the house feel like a hotel

For Nick’s birthday this year, we booked a hotel room downtown and enjoyed a little staycation. We lounged around the room watching cable TV. We had drinks at the hotel bar before wandering down the street for a nice dinner. The next morning, we ordered room service and enjoyed a leisurely morning before taking theContinue reading “Making the house feel like a hotel”

Let’s do this together–from a safe distance

Nine years ago, I went to therapy for anxiety and started this blog. Six years ago, I left my news career. Those were the two healthiest things I’ve ever done. This week was the closest to news reporting that I’ve done since. I’ve posted frequent COVID updates. I planned a TV segment on healthy tipsContinue reading “Let’s do this together–from a safe distance”

Making the most of a bad situation

I’m an optimist. I like to view situations as opportunities rather than burdens. Even if I initially kick my feet I’m on day 5 of social distancing. I’m using the time to develop some healthy habits beginning at home. Some of them I learned five years ago when I worked a remote job. Some I’mContinue reading “Making the most of a bad situation”