Too much, too fast, too competitive

Maybe it was the bench tricep dips?

I recently hurt my shoulder. I knew it was bad because chaturanga hurt so badly I wanted to cry out in the middle of an otherwise calm yoga class.

It’s the second time in two years that I found myself going to the sports medicine clinic for help.

My doctor felt my shoulder and diagnosed it inflamed with a restricted range of motion. It’s a common injury for yogis and anyone competing with their neighbor to do more pushups in bootcamp — something I admitted doing that last time I saw Dr. Paul.

The Rx was easing up on shoulder workouts while strengthening and working on shoulder flexibility.

I figured that wasn’t so bad. Pushups are far from my favorite anyway, so the silver lining of being injured was that I could focus cardio. So I logged extra miles trail and treadmill running.

Until I hurt my hip.

Again, it was a case of doing too much, too fast, too much incline. The Rx: More strengthening and flexibility work now on my hip. And throw in some anti-inflammatories.

My new go-to is home yoga videos. My favorite is Yoga With Adriene. I love it because I just go to YouTube and pick whatever I want to focus on that day. Yoga for hips. Yoga for booty and core. Anything! As an added bonus, there’s no one to compete with.

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