My New York friends joked that they had to drink every time I mentioned Seattle. I’m pretty sure my Seattle friends will start a similar game – if they haven’t already.

Now that I’m back in Sea-town, I’m frequently asked if I miss New York and what I miss most.

The answer to the first is: Yes, very much. In fact, I can’t bring myself to remove my New York drivers license from my wallet, even though I have a new Washington license (with a better photo). That doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be back, but I miss New York every day. The answer to the second question is much tougher. It’s the little things, and I miss them in the strangest moments.

  1. Yesterday when I was walking the six blocks or so to yoga, I got wistful for my gym in New York and my 22-block walk to the nearest location. Weird thing to want on a chilly day, right?
  2. During tree pose at said yoga class, I longed to practice my balance on a moving subway train.
  3. Which got me missing the subway system AKA not sitting in traffic.
  4. Actually, I miss the subway every time I go to work or a friends’ house.
  5. But not when I go to Target, Best Buy, World Market or Safeway, then I like having a car and parking space.
  6. When I watch “Last Week Tonight,” I wish I could be in the studio audience.
  7. Same when I watch “The Daily Show” or see a banner ad for a Broadway show.
  8. While I like walking to PCC. I hate supermarkets. I miss the green market on 103rd and Amsterdam.
  9. I miss going to the gym with Navani. It was fun to meet her in Brooklyn.
  10. I really miss getting off work at 3:30 p.m.
  11. And shopping around SoHo or hitting sample sales with Quyn. Where are the sample sales in Seattle?!
  12. And I’d kinda like to drag Bougie James out of his two-bedroom, first floor*  apartment and make him go biking with me. That was fun.
  13. It was also fun to take any class I wanted. Whether I was feeling copyright law, kangoo jumps or Spanish 1, I could do it all in NYC.
  14. Pizza by the slice was a good time. The gluten splurge was so worth it!
  15. East Coast cities were so accessible!
  16. I also liked being surrounded by hip-hop and rap. Could someone please ask the Seattle stations to quit playing Weezer every other song?
  17. The Seahawks fans here are a tad annoying. It was fun being in the fan base minority.

*Edited based on a demand from Bougie James:

u make me sound like a hobo
i demand a correction

But there are also things I don’t miss:

  1. Like feeling poor all the time.
  2. And all the noise!
  3. Living in a tiny apartment. It’s nice to have two rooms.
  4. And space for Gatito’s litterbox.
  5. I love my spacious kitchen. Would you believe there are three cupboards I don’t even use? True story!
  6. I also like lying on the floor. I never did that on the wood floors in Manhattan.
  7. It’s really nice to have laundry in my building. So convenient!
  8. While I had a few great friends in New York, I have even more + family in Seattle.
  9. And the salmon and sushi here are better.

Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!


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