My take on street harassment

Have you all seen the video of the woman enduring harassment while walking through New York City?

I thought so.

Guys, I just want you to know this not exaggerated. It is a daily occurrence for women. This literally happens every time we leave the house. Only with a few more white guys making comments, too. And according to one of the guys in the video, we’re supposed to say thank you for the abuse.

The woman in the video has been ridiculed, but I praise her. This is a real problem. She drew attention to it in a smart way.

I remember one of my first days in New York, Quyn (please note Quyn is super gorgeous) and I were walking and some guys yelled something at us. I started to react, and Quyn whispered to me, “never make eye contact.”

It was good advice. I followed it often. I got good at putting on my bitch face while guys yelled whatever they felt like yelling at me. And let’s be clear, this is not limited to New York. It certainly happens in Seattle as well. New Yorkers just walk the sidewalks more.

I wonder why guys think catcalling would be effective. What do they honestly expect us to do? I’ve never seen a lady be like, “oh, you like my ass? Here’s my number. Call me!”

Nope, it’s all about power. These creepers want to show their dominance over good-looking ladies. Women can’t just enjoy a leisurely walk home. We’re always on alert and considering paths to avoid. The irony is that it’s usually loser guys doing this. It happened most often when I was dressed in gym or soccer clothes going to workout. The guys catcalling looked like they haven’t seen the inside of a gym or even a neighborhood basketball court … ever. Why would I want to get with that? They are so not worthy of me or any of my smart, successful, fit, driven girlfriends. No, sir.

What the video doesn’t show is the polite gentlemen who say a pleasant “good morning” or similar as you pass. Now that is nice. Please raise your sons to be charmers like that.

Thank you for your attention.

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