I admit, I had unrealistic expectations for moving back to Seattle. I thought everything in my life would fall into place. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my niece would say.

I’ve been here 10 days and that hasn’t happened yet!

When I start getting panicky that I don’t have a job or an apartment yet, my friends and parents talk me down. It’s OK. These things take time. You knew it was going to be uncomfortable for a while when you made the decision to go home. Now you’re in the uncomfortable. The shortest distance is straight through.

I keep hearing my New York yoga teacher, Kristin‘s words in my head, too. Just breathe. You’re OK right here. Kristin was a champion of me going freelance. She did it herself and warned me it takes time to be get established, but once I do, I’d never go back. She posted a quote on Facebook the other day.

“Don’t worry about it. You are not ready yet.”

I felt like she was speaking to me directly. She’s right. Even though I want everything to fall into place five minutes ago, the reality is I still need to catch my breath. Just Be. In Seattle.

The transition back has been easy in some ways and challenging in some ways I didn’t expect. Here’s what’s caught me off guard:

  1. Working at 4 a.m. is tough. It’s been hard to see friends who get off work at 6 when I go to bed at 8.
  2. Seattle is so crowded! And I’m coming from Manhattan! The narrow streets are so clogged. It takes forever to get anywhere. I also remember public transit not being so reliable (maybe I’d arrive at the office 20 minutes early or 20 minutes late. It was always a gamble). I’m ready to join any committee aimed at fixing this. New York is a well-oiled machine in this regard.
  3. It’s raining.
  4. I miss my gym and workout routine a lot. I’ve been doing gym research and need to pick one.
  5. I walk up stairs a lot. It’s just one flight, but I walk it many more times a day than I did the five flights of stairs in my building in New York. Maybe Candace Nelson’s ass won’t go to hell after all.
  6. My friend Janice suggested we have a glass of wine tonight, after her kids go to bed. This sounded like the most heavenly idea I’d ever heard.

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