Ohana means family and family means everyone’s life gets blogged

The New York Ohana has been a big part of my story. I’ve been asked for more info about them, so here you go!

Quyn and baby Jake (they're just friends)
Quyn and baby Jake (they’re just friends)

The Quyn character has been played by Quyn, a New York Times VJ. She recently went on a spontaneous solo trip to Paris to paint, eat croissants and take photos. She’s a talented artist with a practical side. A mutual friend once described Quyn as “someone who will never fail.” I couldn’t say it better myself. Quyn bravely moved to New York without a job, she came armed with a degree, hard work ethic and a determination to make it. Has she ever!

James is played by James, a kinda big deal NFL editor/manager/coordinator. He loooooooooves the 49ers. He claims if you prick him, he bleeds red and gold. I’ve never confirmed this, but I have seen the gold jacket he keeps in his apartment. Don’t believe him if he tells you I tried it on. I DID NOT! He calls his lightweight bicycle the ghost. His pastimes include coming up with clever hashtags, picking up girls at naked yoga class and trash-talking Seahawks fans. We’re all waiting for him to move to Cali.

Jenga tournaments are serious business.
Jenga tournaments are serious business.

Navani stars as Navani. She’s a writer and radio show host among other things. She is a regular contributor to Latina magazine. Navani recently jetted off to London for a week just because someone asked if she wanted to. (Spoiler: Correct answer to that question is always yes.) Navani’s talents include bio writing, knowing when popular artists and authors are speaking at events and running for the G train in sneakers, heels and flip-flops alike.

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