It’s not the next chapter, it’s the first chapter

It’s my last night in New York City. I was trying to think of something epic to do, but all I wanted to do was come home and write an article for my class and maybe have a glass of wine (definitely have a glass of wine).
And that reminded me why I’m moving out of New York. While I love it here, it’s so expensive to rent a room in which to eat, sleep, write and raise a cat. Perhaps you’ve heard me say that 8 million times. When I got here, I was so excited to go to every show and visit every museum. Now, I long to write my books, make home décor with Tara and Betsy, go kayaking with Pam and/or Kristin on a pretty day and go to the pumpkin patch with Janice, Nolan, Colin, Kim, Max, Betsy, Thomas, Tara and Lora.

Leaving New York is so bittersweet. I keep telling my friends here that I’ll visit annually, probably move back some day and will definitely force my future children to be NYU Violets.

Living here had its triumphs and failures, and changed me more ways that I can list, but when has that ever stopped me from trying?

I leave with more scars than I arrived with. Two physical and a few emotional, but you can barely see those anymore.

I leave more assertive than I arrived. Don’t you dare try to take my dryer at the Laundromat or fly through the intersection I’m walking through. Can’t you see I’m walkin’ hea’?

I leave more self-assured than when I arrived. I won’t tell you want you want to hear. I’m going to tell you how I see it. If you don’t like my answer, don’t ask me again.

I leave here talking a little different. “Me” sounds more like “may” than it used to. And the four-letter words flow out more naturally. There might be more subtleties I haven’t picked up on my own.

I leave here dressing a lot better. I’m not sure how the Seattle weather is going to factor into my new wardrobe.

I leave with friends who changed my life for the better. I can’t thank Quyn, James, Navani, Jen, Kristin and all for being a part of my life. You’re all an inspiration to me, and I adore you.

I leave here with a tighter, more toned body that I have a great, big fear of losing when I don’t have to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get home and 10 blocks to the grocery store. Plus, I had to give my beloved gym the deuces. But, I did email Crunch and ask for a Seattle location. The regional manager assured me they’re “working on it! 🙂 That’s his smiley face, not mine.

I leave here so excited for my future. I’ve got big things planned and really, truly believe I can accomplish them. I can’t wait to show you!

And here’s a gratuitous picture of my nephew. I acquired him and his sister while I was in New York, too.


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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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