I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been reading

24 percent of adults didn’t read a book in any format in 2013, according to the Pew Research Center. The typical adult read or listened to 5 books in the last year. This isn’t a significant change over recent years. But man, those adults are missing out!

The Moth
The Moth

I’ve been reading like crazy lately, and I love it! Some of my favorites recently have been I am Malala , The Moth and Wild

I’d like to start a virtual book club, where we can discuss our favorite reads. I’m not talking beach reads, though those are fun, too. What I’m really interested in the inspiring books that really touch you, and you can’t wait to talk about. If anyone wants to guest post, hit me up!

Today, let’s talk about Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. When Cheryl Strayed (a Minnesota girl!) lost her mother, her marriage fell apart and she had to drop out of school. She was suddenly lost. Without any real hiking experience, she decided to spend the summer hiking the little-known trail from Mexico to Canada.

Strayed is a fantastic writer and she doesn’t hold back on some of the life experiences she maybe didn’t want the whole world to know. But her honesty and bravery sucked me right in. And also my friend Tara, who is reading it now.

Without spoilers, the time alone in her head helps her figure out who she is.

I could relate to that feeling. I moved to New York two-and-a-half years not to find myself exactly, but I sure got to know myself better. While my journey included regular paychecks, showers and calls to my mom, I had no idea how much I’d figure out. I feel waaaaay more confident in myself and my abilities than I did 3 years ago. I like being in my own head. But, like Strayed, I don’t regret any of the things that got me here.

Anyone else read it? What did you take from it? I can’t wait for the movie! Tara and I already have a movie date planned, but you can come, too, if you want.


Next up:

My friend Pam recently told me about The Confidence Code, which I just got (and figured out how to download) from the New York Public Library. I started reading it last night, and already told three people about it.

I highly recommend checking out the website and taking the quiz. If you’re feeling so inclined, read it with me! I’m already thinking I might need to buy this one, so I can highlight my favorite parts and refer back.

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