Bravely riding the Toys R Us Ferris wheel (We got the M&Ms car!)
Bravely riding the Toys R Us Ferris wheel (We got the M&Ms car!)

Last weekend, my niece and I were (rather obnoxiously) singing Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” While the song gets stuck in my head, I love the message. There’s nothing I want more than to see Isabella be brave – and all my other little buddies for that matter.

This blog started as a brave step for me. I have a journalism degree. I work for the Internet. I know the consequences of putting my inner most thoughts on the Internet for all to read. So there goes my political career. But I knew I had to do it. It’s who I am.

I think it was brave to admit that I was living what I call a just-OK life. Things were fine. Not amazing. It was comfortable And I knew it could be better.

And I know many of you have felt the same way. I’ve read your messages and emails.

That’s when I started my quest to Live Life Big. That means stepping far out of my comfort zone and testing how big MY brave is.

And let me tell you, I don’t live a just-OK life anymore. I live a great big, full life. Is it happy and perfect all the time? Of course not, but I’ve learned that the quickest path through the hard stuff is straight through. I don’t delay feeling pain. I take it and decide where to go with it. And I welcome the challenges because I know that’s where I grow. No regrets about where I’ve been.

It’s not a sign of weakness to say, “things aren’t great.” It’s a sign that you are ready to be the most complete, full, brave self you can be.

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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