Free me! Sublet my apartment

A friend is looking for an apartment in Seattle, so I hit Craigslist to offer assistance. I started a list of links to send her, but stopped when I realized I literally added every one I looked at to the list. After living in New York for three apartments, the Seattle options all looked like something out of a dream.




Walkable neighborhood (New Yorkers, there’s a site that gives your new neighborhood a “walkability score.

So if anyone wants to sublet my Upper West Side/Morningside Heights apartment while I move here, here’s a description.

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Upper West Side studio apartment for rent: $1,675 per month plus utilities

Beautiful hardwood floors, three adorable windows with ledges for piling crap up on. Also double as nightstands, which is great because the weird layout makes furniture ownership difficult. Apartment is a comfy 70 degrees all winter and you can probably get it around 80 with air conditioning in the summer.

One closet is not deep enough to actually hang anything in. The re-done bathroom is nicer than the rest of the apartment.

Can fit a queen-size bed with a slight reach from the refrigerator. Spacious kitchen has approximately 3 inches of counter space.

Just downstairs is a totally good Asian-fusion place. The building also houses an eyebrow treading place and pizzeria. It’s not the crappy $1 pizza, but if the owner tells you he has a crush on you, things might get awkward. Thankfully, there’s another pizza place across the intersection next to the Laundromat. Speaking of which, you can see the Laundromat out your window, so that’s not bad.

Other neighborhood establishments include a couple bodegas, corner grocery, a green market, a sketchy taco place with no grade in the window and a falafel cart.

If you are a white woman, you should get used to responding to “Hey, white girl!” when you walk down the street. It’s pretty common. Especially when rushing to yoga class.

You’re probably wondering about the neighbors. They aren’t bad. The girl who sang and danced moved out. Although the unit is on the top floor (fifth-floor walkup. Your ass will look great), you’ll often hear people walking around on the roof. Even at night. Don’t worry, it’s not that weird.

No extra charge for pets. In fact, we encourage cats to keep the rats away. No matter how loud your cat is, we doubt it’ll be louder than the one on 2.

Broker’s fee $3,015

Rent: $1,675

Deposit: $1,675


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