New York dreams used in ad

Diet Coke ad by my office.
Diet Coke ad by my office.

The first time I saw these Diet Coke ads on bus stops around Manhattan, I was taken aback. “You’re on Diet Coke.” A play on “are you on cocaine?” That’s edgy and toeing the line of appropriateness. If not stepping right over it, as many critics are saying.

But the more I saw these ads, the more I liked them. I even wrote my own version in my head as I walked to the subway:

You came to New York with a broken heart,

an old MacBook and

a story to write.

You’re on *coffee*

The reason these ads are so intriguing to me and many young New Yorkers is that so many of us did come to New York with nothing but a dream. I’m not a Diet Coke drinker and I have no desire to start drinking it, but the ads did make me stop and think.

They are simple, smart and compelling. They don’t come right out and say anything, it’s inferred. I love good writing in any medium.

My own copy writing work is here.

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