Think before you pack

Ask me about the time I packed a glue stick for my vacation.

No, I wasn’t planning any arts and crafts. I’m awful at packing. My recent trip to Hawaii came with a bonus weekend in Seattle. Did I pack for those two days? No.

Started in Seattle. Janice, Lora, Tara, Betsy and I had brunch at Pike Place.
The outfit was cute enough, but my shoes were all wrong.

I wore a sweater and jeans on my Friday night flight, and I patted myself on the back for layering a fleece under a trendy coat. I also packed my Seahawks hoodie for the Saturday playoff game. So I had an outfit for Saturday, but not Sunday. So I recycled my plane outfit, pairing it with my ice-skating shorts and leggings (because I thought I needed ice-skating clothes in Hawaii?), but I didn’t pack shoes for that look. I also had to wear my summer pajamas: A tank top and short shorts because I didn’t think to pack a warmer pair.

I did well for warm-weather clothes. I packed bathing suits, flip-flops, dressy sandals, a few sundresses, shorts, tank tops and running clothes (yes, I actually used them). I remember holding yoga pants in my hand, wondering if I might like them for evenings at the house. Should have brought them. They could have doubled as jammies in Seattle. I also didn’t think to pack a cardigan or light jacket for breezy island evenings. I figured I had the hoodie and jackets from the plane, if I got cold. I failed to consider that the jackets would be too warm and the hoodie would look silly with a dress. The night of our luau, I had to bring the Seahawks hoodie to throw on over my cute dress. Dressy night: FAIL. Luckily it was dark by then.

Navani and I let the headbands control our untamed Hawaii hair.
This dress with a Seahawks hoodie over it. Silly Candace.

I did pack a few smart things: My water bottle is always in my carry-on. I love to fill it up at the airport, so I can have a sip of water on the plane if I fall asleep during beverage service (often). That went with me every time I left the Hawaii house. A bag of trail mix was another good choice. Since I was 90% gluten-free, it was good to have on hand when gluten-free snacks would be hard to pack, like for a hike. I debated whether I’d actually use the running clothes I brought, but I figured it was worth the risk. I wore my board shorts for a morning run and for a day of paddleboarding.

So I had some weird outfits and a glue stick.

Answer: The reason I had a glue stick is because I was packing up unnecessary items from my desk at work since we’re moving.  I didn’t take it out of my bag before leaving for the airport.

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