Cousins stress-free at a DC sculpture park

This weekend, my cousin, sister and I talked about stress management. Big topic for the three little girls whose biggest concern was once whether to play school or house together.

I’m trying to get my own business off the ground, which means working toward that in addition to my full-time-pays-the-bills-provides-the-benefits job right now. That’s stressful! I made a list of things I need to do to get to the point where I can give my day job my two-weeks’ notice. But for now, I’m extremely grateful for that day job. It’s a bit of a stress release in itself. I can go there. I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I can do it well. Once I leave, though, I check the to-do list on my phone. It includes the freelance business stuff as well as personal to-dos, like grocery shopping and laundry. Whenever I have a free hour, I try to knock something off that list.

All fun, no stress

But, I know a stressed-out Candace is not a good Candace, which is why I prioritize things like a weekend with my cousins or a yoga class or an hour of hanging out at home with the music up and nothing on the agenda.

The happy thing is that the freelance work has me totally energized and loving my life, even though parts of it are anxiety-inducing.


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