Keeps getting better

Yesterday I caught up on “Parks & Recreation.” One of the episodes was focused on the question: Has your life improved in the last year?

I’m all about looking forward, not back, but as I pondered this question for myself, I read through last May’s archives. In May 2012, I was living with the boys in a teeny Hell’s Kitchen apartment. My monthly rent was half what it is now. And the space I got for that was probably less than half of what I have now. I was getting equipped for the soccer team I had joined – so some things never change. I hope my new team is better than the last.

My freelance writing career has gained some traction in the last year. I’m in better shape than I’ve maybe ever been in. I have my own apartment in a neighborhood I love. It’s filled with my things though all the furniture was purchased used, it still feels like mine. I don’t constantly think about moving back to Seattle. My net worth is about $12,000 more than it was last year. This actually comes as a complete shock to me. I don’t check very often for trends anymore because I thought my arrows would be shooting downward. This is thanks to my investments, however, not my lackluster saving skills.

I have a few new scars – physical and emotional – but yes, I’d say my life is much, much better than it was last year at this time. And based on last year’s archives, I’d say I was in a happy place last year. Good things ahead!

I also found this list of my life by the numbers from May 2, 2012. Updates are in parentheses at the end.

3: Number of classes I’ve finished at New York University (10. One certificate done. One class left for the second.)
2: Number of Broadway shows I’ve seen (4 + 3 off-Broadway.)
7: Number of first dates I’ve been on (Oh, gosh … 10 in the last 12 month is my estimate.)
3: Number of events I’ve attended. (educated guess: 10)
0: Number of times I ate breakfast at home last week. (4 or 5)
3: Current number of trips I’m planning. (1)
5: Number of times I’ve left the island of Manhattan. (Far, far more than I could count.)
3: Number of museums I’ve visited. (A dozen? Some I’ve repeated.)
13: Number of times I’ve gone running. (5, maybe. I’ve replaced running with gym classes.)
48: Number of blog entries I’ve written. (168 in the last year.)
2,014: Number of dollars I’ve spent on food. (We’re going there, huh? $4,766 in the last 12 months, according to
4,750: Number of dollars I’ve spent on rent. (14,135 for May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013)
0: Number of times I’ve missed my car. (half a dozen)
3: Number of out-of-town visitors I’ve seen. (9, I think. Why aren’t you guys visiting me?!)
1,260: Conservative number of flights of stairs I’ve walked. (I could not begin to guess, but I’ll count for a day and tell you that number soon.)

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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