Before my departure for New York, I had a goodbye happy hour with friends from work to which I wore a sweet skirt, a flowered button-up under a ruffled sweater. At the time I thought I looked pretty cute. Looking back, I looked so Midwest! The only thing I got right were the super cute heels. I still wear all those pieces, just not together. Well, not the flowery shirt.

That was then
That was then

Maybe it’s because I toughened up mentally and physically in New York, but I felt like the sweet look wasn’t really working for me anymore. I needed some edge. Some skinny jeans and high booties. Some vintage dresses. Maybe some leather. Yes, leather!

And this is now
And this is now

I also had Carlos (the hairstylist, not the cat) cut my hair a little shorter to show off the beachy waves my hair does so well. He lightened it up a bit, too. It’s quite the deviation from the long, heavy cascading curls I used to wear.

I passed my reflection in the full-length mirror today. I am wearing well-worn jeans, a Brooklyn Nets tank top and I threw on my faux leather jacket on the way out. I had a flashback to that girl who came to New York in January 2012. Whoa!


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