My cat-mate

Kelly, you might not want to read this.Quyn, you are forbidden from commenting on this.
That lump in my bed? It's Carlos

Carlos moved in Monday night. He spent the next 24 hours hiding under my bed. I even wondered if he somehow got out of my apartment when I was unloading the car because I neither saw nor heard any sign of him for 24 hours. Finally, I moved the boxes out from under my bed and pulled Carlos out.

After that, he slowly started peeking out and exploring. He spent the next 48 or so hours buried in my bed. I uncovered him to give him some pets and brushing and to say goodbye when I left in the morning. He came out here and there, and did the things cats do, like eat, look out the window and chase hair bands around the floor.

Last night, he felt comfortable and got brave enough to spend a lot of time out of bed (scurrying back under the covers when he hears a loud noise outside or someone in the hallway). I got home from yoga in black yoga pants and a black hoodie. They are now covered in white kitty fur. My gray rug is covered in kitty fur. I brushed Carlos well enough to have to clean the brush at least three times last night.

This morning, I planned to wear corduroy pants, so I got ready in my bathrobe, brushed Carlos again and put on my pants just before I had to leave in an attempt to keep them clean. Still, as I was lacing up my black suede booties, Carlos was trying to nuzzle his little face against my legs. I was literally hopping away from him, saying, “Noooo!” What, does this cat think I have a washer and dryer at my disposal?

Once I got out in the hall and locked the door behind me, I gave my clothes a once over to get some stray kitty furs off me.

This is trouble. Other than cat fur being icky, I have a mild cat allergy. I can usually be around one cat, but if I’m around multiple or if that one cat is right in my face, I’ll get the itchy eyes and sneezes. My eyes have been so irritated all week. I’m not sure if it’s still me adjusting, spring allergies, the overwhelming perfume at work, the fact that I haven’t been wearing my glasses or all of the above. But I’m learning a cat-mate is a bigger adjustment than I thought it would be.

He's cute, right?
He’s cute, right?

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