In eight days, I’ll be moving into my own studio apartment It’s a little higher than I wanted to go, but it’s a great neighborhood with a cupcake bakery and a Vietnamese restaurant and more. It’s between two train lines, near Central Park, Columbia University and St. Luke’s Hospital (which seems to know me well these days).

I’m excited for my move and all the things I couldn’t do in my current apartment AKA Crazy Town. I’m looking forward to:

  1. Cooking and baking.
  2. Having friends over.
  3. Listening to NPR in the mornings.
  4. Not sharing the shower and medicine cabinet space.
  5. Streaming shows or movies without headphones.
  6. Buying paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap on my own schedule.
  7. Not paying for cable TV I never use.
  8. Talking on the phone whenever I want.
  9. Using any color of dishtowels I can find.
  10. Not being yelled at for stupid things.

Sounds blissful, right? I can’t wait!


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