What to do?

I have a dilemma. I need to move by (or preferably before) the end of the month. Before I left for Christmas, I found a few interesting places, but was gun shy about seeing them and having to pay double rent for a month. So, I left for the holidays feeling optimistic about the market.

I got back and stressed out, as I tend to do. I met with one broker who was a condescending jerk. Quyn and I walked out of his office. Then I met a great broker who showed me two decent places. They aren’t in the area I wanted, but they’re fine and fit in my very low budget. But the thought of paying a broker $2,500 to $3,000 gives me anxiety. That’s a good chunk of my savings!

So after viewing those apartments, I came home to mull it over, and I started emailing in response to ads I saw on Craigslist for lease takeovers and studio sublets. I didn’t see anything super promising there.

So here are my options as of now:

The small studio on 97th. Pros: It’s a block from the subway, three blocks from Central Park and Museum Mile. It’s at the low end of my budget and just one floor walk-up. The neighborhood felt good. Quiet, but safe, modern and comfortable. Cons: It’s teeny. My full size bed would nearly take up the entire bedroom. It has an itty bitty closet that I could maybe fit 1/3 of my hanging clothes in. But the bedroom is actually separated by doors from the kitchen. Bonus: A resident in the building is selling furniture, etc. It would be so easy to buy stuff from her and not have to move it.

Nice doors, floors and windows, but it’s so small!
The kitchen is totally decent. There’s room for a little table, desk or butcher block.

The bigger studio in the 80s. Pros: It’s much roomier with two closets. The kitchen is separate from the main room and the bathroom is spacious. It’s in the middle of my budget and laundry is not in the building, but it’s a couple doors down. Cons: It’s quite a hike to the subway. It’s on street level, which means noise, increased chance of rodents and safety considerations.

Yeah, that’s the street out the window.


Brooklyn. I found a couple options in Brooklyn that I haven’t looked at yet. They look much nicer than what I saw on the Upper East Side. Navani reports that the first one below is super close to her, which is amazing! Cons: While Brooklyn is awesome, it’s far from school, Quyn and the guy in Jersey.




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