My only friend in New York

About a year ago, I was IMing with a woman I work with in the New York office. I didn’t know her well – or at all really – but I took a chance and told her a secret I’d been keeping.

“I’m thinking about asking Jeff if I can move to New York,” I told her. I held my breath waiting for a response.

The IM box flashed back, “Do it!”

She went on to tell me her own story of moving from the West Coast to New York. She even told me I could stay with her if I wanted to visit and check it out.

If it weren’t for that conversation, I might not be here today.

Though I was done seeing my therapist at that point, I decided to make an appointment with her to talk through my New York idea. It was kind of a success story for her, too. She turned a girl who didn’t want to live alone to someone who was not only willing to travel alone, but move across the country alone. Even though I had done it once before.

Anyway, Caley told me to remember that if I got to New York and decided this Quyn girl wasn’t a good fit for a friend, I didn’t have to hang out with her.

But that advice never became necessary. Quyn’s been a great friend since the day I arrived and we met on Ninth Avenue to go to the butcher, bakery and out for Greek food. Sometimes we joke that we’re each other’s only friends here, it was true at one point, but not anymore. Sometimes she’s my tour guide. Other times I’m her big sister, but she’s always my go-to girl in New York. She plays the role of best friend in my New York story.

In fact, I told her that should anything happen to me, I’m leaving my intellectual property rights to this blog to her. Heather and I started it with the intention of it getting made into a book and then a movie, so we could quit our jobs and focus on writing. I can do the writing part, but I have more faith in Quyn than in myself to make the rest of that dream come to fruition.

Quyn is a make-it-happen kind of girl. She first fell in love with New York when she was a finalist to work for an Alicia Keys project. Then Alicia Keys got knocked up or something and the project never happened, but still, Quyn got a free trip and a passion for the the city out of the deal. She moved here without a job, but she had the experience to make a go of it.

As an undergrad, she decided she didn’t like college life, so she worked to get herself a job at NBC. And she didn’t limit herself to entry-level work. Oh, no! That determination and experience led her to MSN then back to NBC, where she’s kind of a big deal. She even had to fight off offers from other big names in the industry to go to NBC.

She’s the kind of person who won’t accept failure as an option. If she’s going to do something, she wants a challenge she can give her all, but her employer had better appreciate that, or she’ll find someone who does.

She also has an impressive artistic side. She paints, writes and plays guitar.

She gets really mad at me when I start talking about leaving Manhattan, but we both know New York is not our forever home. Wherever life takes us, I’ll always think of her as my New York sister. Our stories are forever intertwined.

I’d be proud to let Anne Hathaway play Candace in the Quynansea movie. Who’s playing you, Quyn?

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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