30 days of gratitude

I’ve noticed lots of Faceobok postings of people detailing what they’re grateful for. The idea is one per day for the month of November.

1.A home. I’ve never been so grateful to have four walls around me.
2.Electricity to keep me warm, fed, entertained and safe.
3.Internet. It keeps me entertained, connected and employed.
4.My wonderful extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. I come from one of those huge, close Midwestern Catholic families. It’s a pitch-in kind of family. Someone needs a new roof? We’ll be there Saturday. Someone’s having a baby? The aunts are busy making blankets. It’s the greatest.
5.Pizza. C’mon, who’s not thankful for pizza?
6.My niece and nephews who remind me what’s important in life and what definitely is not.
7.My parents who offer advice, listen quietly or tell me stories to cheer me up.
8.My dear friends who crack me up and always seem to call just at the right time (I’m looking at you, Tara!)
9.My job. It’s never boring and I’ve made some great friends there.
10. Kelly, my sister, who lets me do my laundry at her house and take her car and her kid out for a joyride, among other reasons why she’s great.
11. My brother, whom I consider the king of the pitch-in family. I haven’t found a thing he hasn’t been willing to do.
12. Chocolate-chip cookies on a headachy, rainy, one-too-many-meetings kind of day.
13. My company, which pays for my education and offers a beach house to employees.
14. My health. It’s good to know I can count on my two legs to carry me up 30 flights of stairs or run away real fast in case of emergency. My arms can carry as much as my eyes decide I need from the grocery store.
15. Emergency responders, city planners, bridge designers, hospital employees, mayors, Good Samaritans and all the other people who keep us safe and informed and receive far too little credit for a job well done.
16. My trainer, who never lets me give less than I’m capable of.
17. All the people in my life who love me, cheer for me and appreciate me even when I don’t see it.
18. All the people in my life who have gone through their own versions of hell and came out on the other side better, stronger and wiser. They remind me that I can weather any storm life blows my way.
19. Seattle residents, feel free to skip to the next one. Sunshine. The sun feels so good. It brightens moods it makes me ready to attack even a frigid day.
20. My warm, cozy bed topped with the down comforter I’ve had for a decade. I love crawling into it at the end of the day (and sometimes right after work).
21. My therapist who brought out the very best side of me possible.
22. The upbringing I had. I might not have appreciated it at the time, but in my 31 years, I’ve seen the results of inattentive parenting. It’s not pretty, folks.
23. My life experiences.
24. My friend Anna who taught me that you sleep better at night, if you know you treated everyone you encountered that day with kindness.
25. My tried and true friends. I remember as a kid wishing I had a best friend who would keep my secrets (this was important during the mean girl stage). Now I have many.
26. My ability to balance different parts of life. I rarely feel like anything is lacking.
27. My education and the fact that I was able to fund it.
28. Pumpkin pie, lattes, scones, muffins and milkshakes. But not pumpkin beer. That’s not right.
29. Hugs.
30. Gratitude. Just because it didn’t pop in my head in the last hour, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it.

Published by Candace

I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

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