The recovery

I just ran down the street to get dinner and saw kids in costumes. For about the fifth time today, I was reminded it’s Halloween. New York and New Jersey have agreed to postpone Halloween until Monday, so I’m not participating.

I even pinged Quyn and one point today and said, “People keep asking if I dressed up today. I don’t even know where I’m sleeping tonight, so I think should get points just for dressing appropriately today!”

Riding out the storm was the easy part – buy some granola bars and water and have a cozy night in. Dealing with the aftermath is the trouble. Two of us from my team were at the office today, and we both blinked back tears talking about the storm. B, the video editor, was telling me he’s staying with his in-laws in the suburbs because his place has no electricity. He and his wife had to walk up and back down the 30-something flights of stairs. The drive in today took hours. He looked stressed. He didn’t know when he’d get home.

Several friends in the outer boroughs are stuck at home. With no subways and limited bridge and tunnel openings, getting to Manhattan was impossible without a car. Even on the island, life is tricky. The entire downtown area is still without power. Most remain evacuated. The rest of the city is immobile.

Some people’s homes were ripped apart. Millions of gallons of water needs to be pumped out of Lower Manhattan. It’s a mess! Before I launch into the rest of this, I want you to know that I know I could have it so much worse. I have friends who are still nomads. I know a girl who is supposed to move from Manhattan to Brooklyn this weekend. Hospital employees saw true trauma the last couple days and soldiered on. I know my problems are minor. But …

I found myself longing to be in Minneapolis or Seattle or anywhere but here. I could kinda just use a hug from my mom right about now. I miss my peeps!

And I’m realizing I have peeps here. Brandon offered to come by and help me move my stuff to the new place since he has his car in the city (only that got thwarted because of the heavy traffic. In two hours, he went about 11 blocks). My friend Maggie has a little Honda Fit. She offered to help, too. She’s coming by tomorrow, traffic permitting. Quyn came over and helped me move boxes and my bed. Dave helped me carry stuff down the stairs and then back up. Brian made room for my stuff in the living room. Jen offered me an air mattress for the next couple of nights. Navani, Mindy, Lisa, Mike, Adam and Roxanne all checked in on me.

And my friends in Seattle listened to me cry, saying they’d be here if they could. One even offered to buy me a plane ticket back. My West Coast co-workers did the heavy lifting today since our hearts just weren’t in stupid videos and celebrity gossip. My boss let me skip an important training, so I could attempt my move.

I know that in times like these, people want to help in any way they can. I always feel so indebted, but if tables were turned, I’d do the same for them.

I’m going to stop typing now because I’m getting tears all over my keyboard. Thanks, everyone, for having my back.
My roommate played this song a couple times heading into the storm. It’s been stuck in my head ever since and is fitting here.

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I’m a journalist, nutritionist, doting auntie, one-time bobsledder, and wannabe health nut (who loves chocolate and pizza too much to fully commit). I don't want you to think my life is perfect. It's not.

3 thoughts on “The recovery

  1. Yup, even though you could have had it much worse, it’s still stressful and a huge disruption to your daily life. And, even just seeing the aftermath around you is probably having a psychological effect. I know it would get to me! But I’m glad you’re safe!

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