We haven’t forgotten

You can't miss the Freedom Tower
You can’t miss the Freedom Tower

I didn’t plan to write about September 11. I had a different blog idea in mind entirely, but today a couple people asked me what it’s like to be in New York on September 11, so I decided to go that direction instead.

So what is it like to be in New York on the anniversary of the terror attacks of 2001?

It started out like any other. I wasn’t thinking about the anniversary as I got ready for my Tuesday. I was thinking about remembering my laptop bag and craving a cinnamon-raisin bagel as I walked out the door today. As I walked down 8th Avenue, I noticed a camera crew outside the Midtown fire station, but didn’t think much of it. It’s not unusual to see firefighters posing for photos out front.

My first reminder of the anniversary came when I turned on the TV and opened the site at work and saw the tributes. New Yorkers by and large went about their day. The people on line at the food truck, waiting to return their cable boxes and riding the subway all had the same mood as always. If we don’t, the terrorists win, right?

One thing I’ve noticed since living here is that we don’t talk about the attacks. Only one friend has mentioned his experience to me. He was in Lower Manhattan that day. I saw several Facebook friends post pictures, tributes or reminders to remember – but not one of those was posted by a friend in New York.

Though we don’t have to talk about it, signs of September 11, 2001 are everywhere in New York. The Freedom Tower ascends from the ground and towers over Lower Manhattan. Security is present in the subway stations in the Financial District. Reminders to remember are painted on fire trucks. Multiple badges and codes are needed to enter any building in the city. Armed guards look over Penn Station. And on the anniversary, lights where the Twin Towers once stood shine over Lower Manhattan.

No, New York hasn’t forgotten. New York remembers every single day.

A little extra love for NYC.

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