A new season brings so much to look forward to. And, with apologies to schoolkids everywhere, I’m looking forward to my first fall in the Northeast. I can already taste the first sips of the first pumpkin-spice latte of the season.

I’m looking forward to …

carefully selecting a few new sweaters and some structured pants and a pair or two of new shoes.

finding a new place to live and bringing home a nice big soup pot and ingredients for Minnesota wild rice, rosemary-white-bean, lentil, or a big pot of chili with all the fixin’s.

trying out new fall TV shows. I don’t even know what’s coming.

running through the park on crisp evenings, kicking leaves as I go.

savoring fall’s sweet and juicy apples.

studying digital media rights and licensing.

snuggling up under my knit blanket for some reading time.

Maybe, just maybe adopting a kitty friend to snuggle up with for some reading time while the soup boils and I sip my pumpkin-spice latte.


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